Terms and Conditions

This section provides the terms and conditions that the user must meet to maintain the operation and the web as well as its services.

The services that Logoregion, S.A. are subject to the following terms and conditions of use. Logoregion, S.A. reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of service at any time and without prior notice. The most current version of the terms and conditions of service can be reviewed by clicking on the “Terms of use” hypertext link located at the bottom of our web pages. The use of Logoregion, S.A., website and services implies your complete acceptance of this terms and conditions of service.
Logoregion, S.A. and its parent company, is a website responsible for providing vector graphic content and set of design material for distribution and free use.
The user is only authorized to use the websites and services in accordance with the terms and in good faith. In particular and without limitation, users undertake that any access or downloading of any content available on the websites or through the services will always be the result of a genuine legitimate interest of the user and recognizes that any Method that artificially increases the number of downloads, The accesses or clicks on this content are strictly prohibited under these terms (including, without limitation, the generation of downloads, accesses or clicks on such content through robots, spiders or any other mechanism, mobile application, Program or tool) And it will result in block of the user’s IP by Logoregion, S.A. and the user’s obligation to indemnify Logoregion, S.A. For all damages suffered as a result of non-compliance by the user of this company.
The user agrees not to use the services in a negligent manner, for fraudulent or illicit purposes. Likewise, the user agrees not to participate in any conduct or action that may damage the image, interests or rights of the website.

The user does not interfere with the operation of the website or the services, in particular. The user undertakes not to carry out any action that may damage, not be available, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the website or the services,

which may affect the security of the website or services, or that in any way may interfere with the services offered by Logoregion, S.A.
It is forbidden to use robots, spiders or any other mechanism, mobile application, program or tool to access, copy or control any part of the website or services in any way that is contrary to the ordinary use of the website or that infringes the Empresa Logoregion, S.A., without its express prior authorization.  It is also prohibited to obtain or attempt to obtain the content of the Web site using any method or system not expressly authorized by Logoregion, S.A. or that is not the ordinary method of access to the Web site.
The user will be responsible for ensuring before using the services that the characteristics of the services satisfy the needs of the user and that has all the requirements, equipment and software necessary for this purpose and of any necessary cost For the use of the services.
The rights granted to the user under these terms are personal and shall not be assigned to any third party, in whole or in part, by any means, without the prior, express and written consent of Logoregion, S.A.

The user recognizes and agrees that it uses the content of Logoregion, S.A. under its risk and responsibility therefore Logoregion, S.A. assumes no responsibility for misuse or use in breach of these terms.

The user will be responsible for any damage to Logoregion, S.A. resulting from the user’s use of the content and services in breach of the terms and agrees to indemnify Logoregion, S.A. and its managers, employees, agents and representatives of any liability in which they may incur as a result of the user’s failure to comply with these terms.

Logoregion, S.A. no garantiza la disponibilidad o continuidad del contenido y los servicios del sitio web, ni su fiabilidad, calidad, integridad, exactitud o si son aptos para un propósito o actividad específicos.

As an example and without limitation, Logoregion, S.A. will not be liable for any damages that may derive from:
  1. Interrupciones, virus, problemas técnicos, interferencias, omisiones, falta de disponibilidad, cortes de energía, fallo de la las redes de telecomunicaciones o el equipo del usuario que no sean responsabilidad de Logoregion, S.A.
  2. Delays or unavailability of the Web site and the services due to deficiencies or overloads of traffic on the Internet, in the communication network or in the electrical system.
  3. Third party actions.
  4. Non-availability of the website and services due to maintenance updates or software.
  5. Any other event beyond the direct control of Logoregion, S.A. except the deliberate misconduct of Logoregion, S.A. and those cases in which, due to the specific circumstances of the user involved or the nature of the matter, the applicable law stipulates that the responsibility, CANNOT BE LIMITED BY AGREEMENT, THE USE OF THE WEB SITES AND SERVICES IS OF EXCLUSIVE RISK OF THE USER AND LOGOREGION, S.A. WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OF ANY KIND CAUSED TO THE USER AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THE WEB SITE AND/OR ITS SERVICES.


The user is authorized to use the free content on the website of Logoregion, S.A. for commercial or private use as long as it fulfils the conditions of the terms shown in this section.

Logoregion, S.A. authorizes the user to download and use the content of the websites under the terms of this section. Logoregion, S.A. and its licensors grant all rights to the content of the websites expressly granted in this license to the user.

Logoregion, S.A. authorizes the user in an untransferable, limited, non-exclusive and worldwide manner during the validity of the relevant rights; To download, use and modify the content provided on the website, on a device that the user owns or controls and only for the purposes and uses allowed in these terms.

The authorisation to use the content of Logoregion, S.A. will be free provided that the use of the content of Logoregion is credited by the user on the platform or media where it uses the content of Logoregion, S.A. In order to benefit by increasing the scope and professional recognition of the content provided by Logoregion, S.A.

The use of the content of Logoregion, S.A. is authorized for multiple media and free use of all users of Logoregion, S.A., the content is free to be used to countless projects.

The user of the content of Logoregion, S.A. is not authorized to distribute the content of the Web site on other platforms are public or private, the content can only be provided from the Web site.

Logoregion, S.A. authorizes all users to share the download links of the content of the website, in any means of communication.

You or a third party are free to make modifications to the content of Logoregion, S.A. after downloading it to fit specific projects.

You agree that all design files of Logoregion, S.A. are provided to you exactly as shown in the sample image in the description of the logo template. This includes the name and reference information used to facilitate the appearance and style of the logo template at the time of downloading. It also agrees that the content provided by Logoregion, S.A. are professional format files and that, as such any color, text, or structural modifications made in the designs of Logoregion, S.A. Require the use of graphics software that can be purchased through third-party software vendors. All content of Logoregion, S.A. They can also be modified by preinstalled graphics software on MAC and PC default operating systems.

The user is not authorized to sell the content Logoregion, S.A. as part of a design project.