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This Help center will clarify any questions you may have related to our catalog of premium logo templates totally free, please take your time and read each section.

You can download all the logo templates that are shown in our catalog completely free, without any restriction, the amount of times you want, the 365 days of the year.

All the templates of our catalog are of free license and can be used and edited with total freedom.

To download the templates of logos of Logoregion, only you must enter the link to the resource that interests you and click on the download button that this identified in orange color, in the description of the logo.

Of course! You only have to communicate with us from the contact area and provide the details you want for your project and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.
No problem, you just have to indicate which is the template that interests you and modify it for you for a slight cost.

Logoregion uses Adobe Illustrator CC to create logo templates offered to our users. If you want to modify any of our logo templates, you must make sure that you are using a version of the software that is compatible with this type of files.

You may notice that the templates files are EPS. It should not be a problem because the EPS file will work on any vector-editing software that meets the requirements specified above. 

In the details of each of the templates of Logotpos you can see a list of the software that may be used to make the edition.

All fonts used in logo templates are free to use and can easily be found on free license sources such as Dafont or Fontsquirrel.

A Vector image is a graphical file format based on mathematical expressions and made up of points, lines, and shapes.

Points are called nodes and can be added, deleted and moved. They also have handles that affect the shape and quality of the path between each point within the line or shape.

Also, a vector file allows you to change features of a line or shape like the fill color, stroke color or stroke width.

First of all, to be able to edit a vector file, it’s essential you have vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator, that will allow you to visualize and manipulate any file you download from Logoregion.

All Logoregion files are organized in exactly the same way, so that when you open them, everything is neat and tidy and ready for you to edit easily.

Generally, the file contains two layers:

-A background layer. This is where we put the color or the background texture. It’s usually locked so it doesn’t interfere with the editing of the other elements. To unlock it, just click on the padlock symbol in front of the layer’s name.

-A layer called ‘Logo’.  This is where you can find the elements that make up the Illustration. These elements will be grouped to make it easier to select them. If you want to edit or move a particular object, you first need to ungroup by going to Object > Ungroup, or use the Direct Selection tool (shortcut A).

From now on, if you want to change a shape or edit a path, you have to select its anchor points, with the Direct Selection tool (A).  You can also transform the objects using the specific tools your editing software offers, such as move, rotate, reflect, distort, etc.

All fonts used in logo templates are free to use and can easily be found on free license sources such as Dafont or Fontsquirrel.