Our history

Logoregion.com is a graphic studio organized by a proactive team of designers and illustrators, focused on corporate identity logos, always offering excellent quality and creativity with balanced budgets.

Founded in 2010 in Monagas, Venezuela, Logoregion.com is a graphic design company specializing in corporate identity logos and solutions. After 11 years of being in the field of design and working with the clientele of small and large budgets we have understood their most intimate concerns and demands.

We do not limit ourselves to developing a certain number of proposals. We guarantee the customer that you will be satisfied with the result of your logo. A logo that we take care of to the smallest detail. In this way we see our brands progress, and the customers are fully pleased. The reality is that in the trajectory of the companies that start with us with the development of their logo, they continue to work the rest of their graphic projects with us.

Designing quality logos is not easy because they are a fundamental part of the corporate image of companies. That’s why in logoregion.com we specialize in the design of logos for companies, creating symbols and icons that are recognized at first glance and are quickly associated with customers. So, if you are about to introduce the world to your company, leave everyone with an open mouth with a nice and professional logo that makes you different from the rest.

We design quality logo templates to be a true representation of philosophy and values for companies or brands.

How have users found logo templates before Logoregion was created?

It was a bit complicated as users had to look at several websites for the logo template they wanted. However, with the creation of Logoregion, a large amount of vector logo is listed on a single Web site. This means that we are creating a catalog of logo templates for you and we present it to you on a platform.

Why do we offer free logo templates?

In Logoregion we use a Freemium business model which means that all the resources offered in Logoregion can be used for free, but through the download links, it is so that Logoregion receives its long-term income, this is the way that Users can support our work to continue the growth of our platform.