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Download free logo templates, look in our professional catalog that logo you need with the features that represent your brand, no more creator of online logos of low quality and no personality, we are the definitive solution you are looking for.

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Your brand is important and for that reason you should give the treatment it deserves, here at Logoregion we have a complete catalog of free logo design at your disposal, endowed with different categories such as art, sports, science, automotive, services, health, education, multimedia, video games, transportation and more, for personal or commercial use, with unique designs of high quality that an online software will not be able to match. The catalogue will be updated periodically to maintain fresh content for our users, providing new free logos with modern ideas and concepts.

A logo is a symbol, a hallmark that is made up of different elements, name, Isotype and slogan, which at the same time these are formed by other elements that are sources, lines, graphics, colors and join them with the appropriate techniques give life to a brand so logo templates have the ability to edit each of these items to fit the user’s needs via free or paid graphic editing software (The logo descriptions show the options of the software to be used to personalize the logo), the logo templates are adapted to facilitate editing without any problem.

Logos characteristics

The result is unlimited you can modify your logo free to your liking, changing size, types of letters, colors, shapes and once finished its edition you can export your logo with the following features:

  • Formats to be exported: vector (EPS or Ai), JPG, PNG and PDF.
  • High-resolution image quality HD.
  • Transparent background.
  • Unlimited scaleable size.
  • Ability to apply animation.
  • Posibilidad de edición en futuro.

Types of Logos

The logo is just one of the types that exist and we explain to you below.

Logo is composed only by text and typography. Any other graphic element of the design only has a decorative or reinforcement secondary function.

Monogram is differentiated in that it is composed of initials or loose letters that graphically combined form a symbol. They are generally used in long names that are shortened by using the initials of each word to be remembered better and for a more practical use.

Isotype is the characteristic symbol of a brand. In case you only have total identification strength, without the need for a name, text, etc. It’s the visual essence of the brand.

Isologo is the union of an isotype and a logo, and in which at least the Isotype works perfectly separately.

Emblem an enigmatic drawing and a title or text explaining the same. These drawings usually contain a lot of detail and have the purpose of representing an idea, a concept, a fact, etc. In general these drawings are within closed shapes like rectangles or circles.

Why is a logo important?

The logo is the most important graphic representation and of a brand. It is the visible face of your project and represents its identity and values, providing essential information to your potential customers. Get quick finance with bitcoin lending services. The logo is what gets people to identify your brand in any advertising medium, from a simple guest card that gives a customer, to a billboard.

The benefits of a logo:

  1. It gives identity to the brand. 
  2. transmits confidence to its customers of its brand. 
  3. helps distinguish your brand from rival brands. 
  4. connects you to your target audience.

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